What's In A Name?

When it comes to naming your company, product or service, there's more to it than meets the eye...

As a seasoned Copywriter and Professional Namer & Slogan Creator I put myself in the position of your target market. Your end-consumer has many choices and little time. They need to make buying decisions that don't require additional research as to who you are, or what you sell. They want your company name, your products & services names, to be straightforward. No guessing as to what you offer. Consumers have no time for convoluted ideas that hold meanings to only a handful of insiders. In fact, your target market may pass on doing business with you entirely if they feel your company and its products names are too cutesy or obscure. They want product info and they want it fast. 

That's why I take pride in my ability to grasp the need for solid information and the benefits to the consumer that your company provides through your products & services. Choosing a name is much more than meets the eye. What's in a name? The success or failure of your business, that's what!

I would love the opportunity to provide you with name choices for your company, products & services. I currently offer a special rate of $1500 to clients who want names that will help carry them  toward success! No gimmicks. No convoluted names. Just strong market-focused names that will have your end-consumer glad they found your company. I'm a pro who works with pro's. Let me help align you with success at the start of your marketing journey! Feel free to send me an email inquiry at: 

Laura Ladd


I'm located in Southern California and happy to answer your questions. 

Companies, Products & Services I've Named:

Name: Eternal You 


"Wear It In Wonder!"

(Product: Fragrance)

Name: Mind Movers

(Company: Student Busing)


"We Make Sound Profound"

(Product: Hearing Aids)

Name: MotoMend

(Company: Mobile Auto Repairs)

Name: SalaciousC

(Product: Cognac)

Name: Eden Pure

(Product: Cognac)

Name: Cup-N-Pup

(Coffee Shop/Dog Grooming Salon)

Name: RadResale.com


"Quality Resale Fashions for Women"

(Resale Clothing Business)


Upsy-Daisy Can Opener

(Product: Trash Can Lid Lifter)

Name: Pizza Degreasa'

(Product: Disposable Pizza Oil Wipes)

Name: ForSingleParents.com

(Single Parent Website)

Name: SingleParentNetwork.com


"We're On Our Own, But Not Alone"

(Single Parent Website)

Name: ShoeFly

(Product: Mail Order Shoes)

Name: Splash!

(Product: Fruit Water)

Name: Citrus Slide

(Product: Fruit Water)

Name: BeatBasic

(Product: Portable Music Station)

Name: SoundStation

(Product: Portable Music Station)

Name: MoreThanWrite.com

(Product: Copywriting Services)

Name: MarketMaven

(Company: Online Misc Marketplace)

Name: Benefi

(Company: Data Analysts)

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